Lucy the Saleswoman

The nonprofit that I’m on the board of had a fundraising event a couple of weekends ago. I agreed to go because it seemed like the right thing to do; my best friend, Lucy, agreed to help me fundraise because that’s what best friends do.

Also because she is great at it.

Also because it was at an event that involved a good bit of drinking and she is also very skilled at harassing drunk dudes.

And, as it turned out, harassing drunk dudes to go on dates with me.

I don’t know really how it all went down, but she would periodically circle back to me and say “[some descriptor of a guy] really wants to date you” and then she’d be on her way to sell more raffle tickets.

A few of the guys came up to me. I was legitimately busy so I’m not going to say that I did the best job of batting my eyes and I should also note that none of them were David Beckham.

One guy came up to me, talked for a few minutes, left for a while, showed back up. Was relatively nice. Kept asking how it was that I didn’t have a boyfriend. Was self-deprecating but not overly so. Is not short. Definitely got a big sell on me from Lucy, because he kept remarking on it (“She says you’re the best person that she knows.”). Possibly has a bad haircut. Seems like a genuinely decent dude. Bought a respectable number of raffle tickets. Left with my number.

Asked me on a date for this coming Saturday night.

I agreed and a lot of the reason I did so was because of how enthusiastic Lucy feels about him. Me? I am unsure leaning towards genuinely unenthusiastic but feel like I should give it a try.

I also feel like I’m going to need to get my eyebrows done before Saturday.

I also feel like I should have a few date-ready outfits and I most definitely do not.

I should probably get a charming personality before Saturday, too.

This is a lot of work.

The Good Kind

Work is so busy right now.

It’s the good kind of busy. It’s the kind of busy that I’ve needed for a while, actually. It’s the kind of busy that makes me feel like I’m accomplishing real goals. The important stuff. Not pushing papers and making policy and doing all of that junk that I have to do because I’m the boss and somebody has to do it. Not that stuff at all. It’s the things that actually make a difference to the people who really need what my staff members and I offer. It’s the ripple that it makes in the community at large.

(Sorry for being so vague.)

I needed this type of busy to realize that I’m not ready to leave this job yet. I am afraid of getting too comfortable; I am afraid of coasting (my predecessor had this job for 40 years) and, eventually, I will get there but I am not there yet.

There is still a lot to be done and a short commute to enjoy.


3e2cffe18db4482ed3b8b991739c3a90How do you parents do it? How do you exist in the world without making grand announcements each and every time your child your child accomplishes anything?

I’m pretty sure that, if I had a kid, I would be taking out a full-page ad in the Detroit Free Press when my child first slept through the night and getting a tattoo when he/she graduated from high school.

This belief stems from my experience last night at canine agility class where Brady was, like, so great and so talented and so cute and I nearly imploded from the pride.

I was so absurdly proud that, truly, I cannot even fathom what I would have done had I actually birthed that creature.

I have wanted to take Brady to agility class for a while but hesitated because, when we took obedience class and Brady tried out a few of the agility obstacles, he basically hated them. For one, the dog runs through a tunnel and Brady’s reaction to that was basically oh hell no. The only time he successfully ran through the tunnel was when I bribed him with filet mignon.

I thought that agility class would be good for his confidence but also a struggle so I finally worked up the energy to give it a try.

And that little jerk loved every second.

The tunnel that he hated? He ran right through it. No problem.

The teeter totter that scared him? He walked up one side and down the other like he’d done it dozens of times before.

You want me to jump through a hoop? Weave through poles? Okay, sounds fun.

And now I’m supposed to walk across this balance beam thing? That’s probably too easy. How about I run instead?

I spent the majority of our class in complete shock. This was not my nervous dog. This is my dog, the champion!

I’m already convinced that agility class is going to change Brady’s life.

There’s very little stopping me from enrolling him to compete in the dog agility Olympics other than my lack of knowledge about whether the dog agility Olympics exist.

My Brady, the Olympian.

I Can Read

Back in mid-August, I jotted down a very modest list of things that I wanted to do before the end of the year and one of those things was to read some darn books.

You would think that working in a place where you’re surrounded by books all day would mean that you actually read but for me, this year, that just hasn’t been the case. Partially because of a lack of time. Partially because of how I elected to spend the time that I did have.

But, look at me now with my reading shit back together!

If you were going to read just one of these books, I would recommend that you pick up Evicted by Matthew Desmond. It’s nonfiction but it isn’t bulky nonfiction. It reads like fiction. It will crack your heart into a million pieces. It’s an important book, particularly if you care about poverty and inequality in this country but also if you don’t know much about those topics. Because it’s enlightening.

The other three are varying levels of fluff. No apologies for that.

Next up:

Ann Patchett’s newest, which I should have finished by now* and a thriller by Megan Abbott because it’s been too long since I’ve indulged in a thriller.

What are you guys reading? What do you recommend?


*This is what I have to stop doing. Making reading feel like it’s an assignment.


It’s appalling, really.

A quiet birthday,
Per my request.

Lucy’s sons hung streamers.
Then we played games.

A late dinner with Lucy.
Brunch with the family.
Sunday night supper with my grandparents.
(Grandpa still sings Happy Birthday!)

A new year.
A new start.
A new coffee maker.


I’ve been feeling extra single lately.

Which, okay, is quite silly because I am perpetually single except this is like single+. Not-even-a-prospect single. Not-even-a-real-crush single. My-only-interaction-with-men-are-with-men-in-their-80s single.

Yet I remain not-desperate-enough-to-eHarmonize-again single.

I kind of don’t mind this state of SINGLE single. I am completely without expectations. I’m not hoping that some guy that I’m interested in acknowledges my birthday. I know that when my phone tings to notify me of a text message that it isn’t going to be from a boy. Nothing is going to happen because I’m not in a position for something to happen and, while it sounds pathetic, it is actually a bit of a relief. You don’t realize how much mental energy you put into this stuff until you quit it entirely.

I am enjoying the break.

Eventually, however, I would like it to be over.

Just not over in the I-wonder-if-he’ll-text-today-slash-he’s-not-that-into-you way. I am so over that shit.

I hate the player and the game.

And I’m basically going to need for a nice guy to fall from the sky.

We Did It

And it wasn’t half bad, for a wedding planned in two weeks.





I wish that I had taken more pictures of the tent all lit up at night, because that’s when it was really special. We had the propane fire pit on and the twinkling lights and all of the candles. It created quite the ambiance. You almost forgot you were at a humble backyard wedding.


The fireplace full of candles was my idea, probably born from something I saw in my many hours spent reading wedding photography blogs or scrolling through Pinterest.


Ditto for the blanket basket.

My mom, Meg and I have thrown a lot of parties but never a wedding. We had a few reservations – mostly that the backyard setup could not be the venue that the brides and their families wanted it to be – but it turned out to be a beautiful, drama-less, charming little wedding that the brides seemed thrilled with.